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Simple Veg Fusion Rice

Hello foodies!!
Everyone has their personal comfort food, a particular food or beverage that makes them forget their long day of work, sadness and feels like a tight hug from their beloved person for me fried rice and ice creams are the things that can get me through any stress.

So today I'm going to present you a veggie filled fusion rice that is so good and satiable to your palette if you like Indian spices and masalas.
Why this is called fusion? because I made it my style and its a mix between Indian pulao and fried rice.

As I'm on so-called "diet" I prepared it in less quantity the below-mentioned measurements will be sufficient for one. Now let's begin the preparation

1 bowl of cooked rice1 Tablespoons of oilmedium-sized carrot1 medium-sized potatomedium-sized onion2 split green chilis4 diced garlic cloves1/2 inch diced ginger1 teaspoon red chilli powder1 teaspoon coriander powdersalt as per taste2 split cardamoms1 small cinnamon stick4 cloves

#Beat the Heat : Home made Choco Frappe

Hello foodies!!
So what can be more relaxing and satisfying than a homemade choco frappe in this blazing summer? This is my go-to comfort drink.

2 cups of cooled boiled milk2 Tablespoons of sugar2 Tablespoons of cocoa powder2 Tablespoons of Hershey chocolate syrup1 Tablespoon of instant coffee powder2 Big scoops of vanilla Ice cream Preparation:
Take a blender and add chilled boiled milk, sugar, cocoa powder and Hershey chocolate syrup.Take a tablespoon of warm water in a separate bowl add the instant coffee powder and mix it well now add this to the blender.Finally, add one scoop of vanilla ice cream and blend ...Now take the desired glass or jar spread the chocolate syrup to decorate the glass and pour in the FrappeAdd the one scoop of ice cream to the top of the drink and drizzle it with coco syrup and sprinkle it with coffee powder and cocoa powder and finally top it with choco chips (optional). Enjoy it with a smile ;)

Happy summer XOXO

Life 101 - How to live your best life

Hello, Lazy Crazies!

I'm recently got obsessed with bitmoji, where you can transform yourself into an animated character and get apt reactions for different situations of life. So I decided that it would be fun to incorporate them in my post. So running between our 9-5 job, family responsibilities and chores and days passing in a jiff ... I kind of feel that most of us are missing to take time out for ourselves. The main thing of the post is to focus on ourselves and to deal with everyday life...
Sleep tight, wake up bright

Do you know sleep deprivation can slow down your body in a lot of ways, and the damage can be permanent, So why to risk up our health on trivial things, So hit up the bed and have a good 8 hr of sleep and see the change in your level of activeness and productivity!!!
Breakfast like a Queen
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure your gulp down a glass of water and enjoy your breakfast like a queen... Make sure to eat it up within 2 hrs of your …