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101 Essentials for girls who stay away from home

Hello, Lazy Crazies ..!!
First thanks to you all for your love and support :)
"Gaius Plinius Secundus", (a Roman philosopher) once said that "Home is where Heart is".But this is hard to digest for some people especially the people who are new to living away from home either for studies or job. Obviously, the newbies will get tense, homesick and worry as everything will not be like home and you will be emotionally down.
But it doesn't last long and you feel more comfortable as soon as you made friends and know the surroundings.
So here are the tips and essentials to survive Life away from home.

Emergency Sewing kit...
At home when we need small stitches or repairs to our clothes our mom would have taken care of it even before we notice it. So for emergency repairs like that have some sewing essentials with you.
Medical kit
As you staying in a hostel or pg in a new city and you don't have a pharmacy readily available or you may have a midnight emergency, make sure you have following in a separate kit or box.
  • Band-aids
  • Headache tablets
  • Cold tablets
  • If u have worst period cramps make sure you have tabs for that too.
  • Cotton
  • Antiseptic ointment and
  • Vicks or zandu balm
  • Pain relief spray.
Own a blanket and bed sheet set.
Even though your pg or hostel may or may not have a blanket and bed sheet set for your bed. So when you shop, pick dark or vibrant colours.

Torchlight or candles
You may not predict the mood swings :P of the electricity department in your locality. So if you are afraid of the dark to make sure you have a torch.
P.S; I know all our smartphones have flashlight facility. But you also need your phone battery from dying. So have a rechargeable torch :)

Eye mask
You and Your roommate may not have the same work schedule or exam schedule. So in order to avoid the conflict of turning lights off. Have an eye mask for your uninterrupted beauty sleep.

Flip Flops...
Generally, in a Pg or hostel, you may have to share a bathroom and worst in some cases people have to use a common bathroom, so in order to maintain sanitation and health of your feet have a pair of flip flops as bathroom slippers or to roam around the hostel.

An electric kettle...
This is a must for the stay away's you can have instant soups or Maggi or egg and if you are feeling cold you can have a warm water ..its a savior for those late night hungry batch ..And to who complain that they cant follow weight loss diet can have morning lemon and honey with warm water or some other recipe.
you just have to get creative ;)

Mini spice boxes...
Buy a small box or reuse those empty tic-tac boxes ..and store the spices you use that you don't have to eat the boring spice less hostel food or to add to your kettle recipes.

Pepper Spray
As you know there is no-where safety guaranteed. We must take precautionary measures to defend ourselves so make sure you have a pepper spray can in your bag and always by your bedside.

Language !!
Learning the local language mainly a few important words to communicate with locals may help you in a lot of ways. Especially if you are staying in another state ask your roomies or local friends to teach you some important words so you don't feel a newbie or lost

Missing family ..Have a memory string...
If you are missing your family ..and feeling homesick all the time ..make a memory string on your wall. just print some special memories with your family and friends back home ..and clip them to the string. So you don't miss them and can concentrate on your goal.

Colour Code
If you are having a shared room then make sure you have colour coded holders for your toothbrush and toiletries. So there will not be any confusion.

Mosquito repellents are a must...
Make sure you have mosquito repellents of your choice ..and keep your room free of dirt.

Have a trash bag pack...
Have a pack of these with you. So you don't have to put the trash directly into the bin in order to have a clean trash bin and it's a mess-free and odour free to can also use these to dispose of sanitary pads.

Have a journal...
Have a journal to write down your health charts, diet charts, spending lists and your experiences too ..keeping a tab on all the above will help you to have an organized way of life.

Laundry bag or bin...
I suggest you have a laundry bag in order to separate your used clothes from clean ones ..and this makes sure all your dirty clothes are in one place and easy to carry to wash area.

Mini locks
These are very useful to keep your luggage, cupboard, and belongings safe. So make sure you lock up your cupboards and suitcases in order to avoid any theft or conflict.

Power bank
Not everyone will have a bed near charging point and sometimes the charger points may be occupied in order to avoid dying, battery situations have a power bank with you. this help to maintain your phone battery so you don't run into any difficult situation without your phone.

Have your favourite god idol with you ...
As said, "Prayer is the best meditation ". No matter what religion you follow to have your god idol or holy book with you (only if you like) because in some situations all you need is a spiritual guidance or support mainly when you watch a horror movie ;) or when you think things are not going in your way .. ..but make sure you don't disturb others and provide them with their personal space.

Stick on hooks to the rescue...
If your landlord or owner doesn't allow you to drive nails to your room walls, these stick-on hooks will help you to hang your scarves, belts, bags, keys, and umbrellas without piling them in cupboards or tables. these also help you to make extra cloth ropes to dry your clothes as they have variants that can carry up to 2 kg weight.

Storage containers 
Have some boxes in order to carry food to your college or office or to store those leftover snacks and food in order to store them fresh and also have some snacks with you.

Have an insulator water bottle
Have a water bottle that can act as both warm and cool. So you can have whatever you want and keep yourselves hydrated.

Have a mini bottle of detergent and fabric conditioner
Make sure you have a mini bottle of detergent and fabric conditioner with you for those times where you have to wash your clothes and lingerie or undergarments to keep them fresh and hygienic.

Have a safety app ..that can send information to your loved ones when you are in distress and never enter into any dark or secluded area in a new place alone ..if you have to go to any such places please notify your location to your local friends and roomies.

Stay safe ... Explore the world... Live your dream :)

Let me know if I missed anything and if you like my post and feel free to leave comments by liking my FB page A Lazy Crazy Girl Life and to share it with all your friends and help me to spread my blog
xoxo ❤❤❤


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