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Things you’ll relate if you are a total fail at weight loss!!

So we all love to stay in shape, it is not easy but not impossible if you have the determination …… But the hardest part is to find that and not to get distracted.
This post about “Things you’ll relate if you are a total fail at weight loss” is dedicated to all people who are struggling to lose weight and not quitting even though you have tried so many times.

Your Weight loss planner

This is where it all begins; All those who tried to lose weight or trying will know the importance of planning your weight loss. Because I and my cousin filled a lot of diaries with those plans which actually never got implemented.

Let’s start from …!!!
Maybe this is the hardest mystery one to crack because of our “Let’s start from Monday or start of the month “which always gets jumped or postponed to the next Monday or next month but not to the next day???

Food love
You love your food way much than anything else.

You’re Impatient
Yep, you actually want to see quick results hence easily get disappointed with any diet plan or exercise routine.

You can’t stop thinking of food. that cupcake, donuts or extra cheese pizza, I understand girl .. its impossible to not to think about food.

You always want “in”
Whenever you hear about a diet or exercise plan, you’re always ready to join. 

But when the time comes...

You are good at making excuses
From not feeling it today to whatever possible way to skip dieting or exercise you are best at making excuses.

You hate green tea
I don’t know how people in commercials act as if they are having a smoothie... We literally hate the way green tea tastes.

When salads are not your thing
You prefer anything than eating those uncooked greens and veggies.

When you don’t believe in a concept of weight
You are comfortable with what you are and think it’s not a fault of your weight or diet but just you are on the wrong planet.

No matter what if you are comfortable and love the way you are unless it’s affecting your health “Beauty always comes in different sizes and color”. So go ahead and live the way you love and keep trying.



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