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A broke girl’s guide for financial survival $$$

Hello, Lazy Crazies!!
So, we all loved the feeling of landing in our first job, moving to a new city and finally able to earn some greens $$$. No matter what it is not that much easy to save your $$$ and have a planned budget when you are living in another city and have to manage all yourself and eventually we all end up broke by end of the month. Sometimes even in the middle of the month L

So here are some tips to survive on your $$$ without depending on parents... I mean they will always there to help us...But to make sure we have that feeling of independence.

Have a Budget planner
It is always a good idea to keep a tab on your finances so you can know where your money is gone. Have an app there are many financial analyzer apps or have a book and note down your earnings, expenses, and savings. Believe me, you feel less stressed and able to make a huge difference. I personally believe of having a book is better. Most importantly mark your salary date and total earnings.
  •  First, note all the obvious expenditures.
  • After marking your Total amount of earnings note down your regular and obvious expenditures like
  • House/ PG/Hostel/Room rent
  • EMI’s
  • Fixed saving plans
  • Transport charges either within the city or Expenses for traveling to your hometown
  • Now add up all your obvious expenditures and subtract them from your total earnings and you’ll get some figure of remaining earnings
  • ** The main challenge is to save the most of the remaining $$$
Control the shopaholic in you

We all have that urge to go on a shopping spree or buy things online whether we need or not and if you stay away from home... The amount of money you spend on food from outside is huge. But in order to achieve you $$$ goals... We have to cut down on those things
  • So if you stay in a hostel where self-cooking is allowed …Make sure to whip up your favorites than ordering online saving yourself from unhealthy food and also saving money.
  • I’m not saying to completely ban yourself from eating your favorite stuff… Treat yourself once in a month look out for the offers near you to make sure you don’t spend heavy.
  • Buy fruits and veggies from local vendors than supermarkets, so you can enjoy fresh and have them at less cost.
  • Avoid buying a bulk of junk foods that may lead to excess fat gain, so opt for nuts and fruits... to stay beautiful and healthy.
Three words Apps... Money back... Savings

Today we get so many apps to book anything like Paytm, Phone pe, Amazon pay, Abhibus, Red bus etc… the list goes on which provide money back or vouchers on bookings and transactions. So make most out of them. Look out for deals and special prices and believe me you’ll thank me later
** Never add a huge bulk of the money to these apps make sure you perfectly add the required money for your transaction because it’s not easy to transfer your remaining money back to your bank ;)

Have a savings plan
It’s important to have a savings even the littlest of little, so it’s never too late to start than facing a problem so make sure you start yours right away. No matter how big or small the amount is, just tuck away some $$$ for future purposes or emergencies.
**Never make big goals which you cannot cope up or achieve it. So make sure you start wisely and keep up your plan going.
There are many options for saving like
  • For a long-term goal – fixed term deposit

  • For a midterm goal – invest in mutual funds
  • Or if unsure go for our olden savings scheme – piggy bank but make sure you don’t break quickly.

Some office teams have a “chit process “where you pool your money every month and get turns to get a huge sum ** but make sure everyone is trust-able in your team and will stay until the end.

Treat your parents

Our parents are responsible for whatever we achieve today their hard work is behind our every fulfilled need and we are lucky to have them. So make sure to give respect for their love and hard work by saving for them even a little. Surprise them with their favorite things or an outing to a restaurant or a movie. Make sure you spend quality time with your family because having them is the biggest blessing and luxury itself.
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If you have any other ideas or tips for money saving please do comment.



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