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A broke girl’s guide for financial survival $$$

Hello, Lazy Crazies!! So, we all loved the feeling of landing in our first job, moving to a new city and finally able to earn some greens $$$. No matter what it is not that much easy to save your $$$ and have a planned budget when you are living in another city and have to manage all yourself and eventually we all end up broke by end of the month. Sometimes even in the middle of the month L

So here are some tips to survive on your $$$ without depending on parents... I mean they will always there to help us...But to make sure we have that feeling of independence.
Have a Budget planner It is always a good idea to keep a tab on your finances so you can know where your money is gone. Have an app there are many financial analyzer apps or have a book and note down your earnings, expenses, and savings. Believe me, you feel less stressed and able to make a huge difference. I personally believe of having a book is better. Most importantly mark your salary date and total earnings.  First, note al…

Basics of weight loss - Understanding your body

Hello, Lazy crazies!!
Whoever said “All a girl wants is a Prince charming” doesn’t definitely know the girls at all because what every girl want is “to eat what she likes without getting Fat” ;)
But just like prince charming is also never happening.
"I am a girl who doesn't believe in starving or quick weight loss products"
Because they only give you the temporary result and when you stop those diets you are back to if u want to achieve which you can rely on then all you have to do is to make it a ritual and what I believe is "nothing is impossible if you want it " and the most important is to have a strong will and determination and any plan will not work and you won't able to achieve it unless you know completely about yourself and what you need..then only you can find what is perfect for lets know body fat, weight, and types of fat.
What is Body Fat?
Fat is one of the basic components that make up the structure of your body. The ot…